Drain Inspections and Jetting Services

At AccuJet, we stand behind our work with pride. We seek to serve our community with excellent customer service and fair pricing. What sets AccuJet apart from our competition is that we strive to provide superior service by being honest, consistent and hardworking.

Services Provided:

- Presale sewer and drain inspections for home sales.

- Camera Inspections for residential and commercial sewer lines.

- Hydro Jetting of residential and commercial sewer lines, grease lines, and drain pipes.

About us

Born and Raised in Sarasota, FL, Joshua Sellmer has been able to experience all that Sarasota and the surrounding areas have to offer. Now that he has started his own family, he has begun a new adventure: AccuJet, LLC. With many years of experience, Joshua is very knowledgeable in the sewer and drain industry.


We work closely with local Property Managers, Plumbers, and Home Inspectors. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

Camera Inspections
Homeowners and business owners who are experiencing issues with their pipes can benefit from having a camera inspection. Each camera inspection comes with a copy of the video with a voice over explanation of what is shown. Pinpointing the locations of underground sanitary lines is also available with the camera inspection, if needed.

Sewer inspections for Buying, Selling, or Remodeling:
– Buying or Selling a home? Often overlooked, inspections of sanitary sewer lines are a crucial part of home buying. As a homebuyer, you will have the negotiating stance to determine the home’s value; If the sewer lines are damaged, it can become very costly to fix, providing to you an opportunity to bid a lower price. When selling a home, a sewer inspection will come in handy to prove to the potential home buyer what the condition of the sewer lines are, which can increase the asking price of your home. AccuJet also works with local realtors to insure all pre sale inspections of the sewer lines are completed.

– Remodeling? A sewer inspection/tracing of the line will help to not only show the condition of the pipe, but also to pinpoint the sanitary lines for the future remodeling projects.

Restaurants, commercial buildings, and homes need their pipes maintained regularly to rid the buildup that accumulates over time. When sewer lines and grease lines are backing up, damages can become not only disastrous, but costly.

Hydro-Jetting is the only process that can actually clean your sewer and drain lines. It uses water under high pressure to scour the pipe walls clean of grease, debris, roots, sand or dirt and flush it all out.

The best way to prevent any damages is to use the high water pressure to clear out the blockages of grease, scale, and other obstructions. For restaurants and other public buildings, it is important to keep kitchen pipes (including floor drains) flowing properly to insure the chance of a backup does not occur, hindering a kitchen to work properly. Failure to abide by the state regulations can result in your business or facility being shut down.

If there is an issue with the sewer system that requires repair, we can recommend numerous professionals to do the repair, relining, or excavation as needed.






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